Choosing a Domain Name

By July 21, 2018Business, WordPress

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The best way to name your company
If you have a name in mind, I would consider going to GoDaddy to do a quick search to see if that name is available in a .com extension or use this tool below:

If it is not available, then I would consider renaming your company. It’s not worth it to be stuck with a company name and not having a matching domain, and heaven forbid, having to add hyphens and numbers.

Buying a domain name that has your own name in it.
This option is usually for those who’s companies are in their own name. Artists, accountants, lawyers, self proprietor’s etc. If you are trying to buy a domain name with your name on it, like and someone, somewhere on planet earth has the same name as you and already purchased it, then that really sucks. What would really suck more is if they bought that domain and parked it, only to try to auction it off to the highest bidder. I have recently seen domains as high as $24,000. Nope, not a typo. Thankfully, I bought my domain somewhere in the ancient time of 1998. I’ve also bought domains for my offspring, who could care less, but just in case they need it in the future and they will thank me later because right now, all they care about are Ninja Turtles. Think of it as real estate investment for the web.

What type of domain extension should you use?

.com– perceived as a more global company and would “reach” more clients.

.ca, – if you are going to stay local, and NEVER expand anywhere outside of your country, then do this. If there is even a remote possibility of .00000001% chance that you will expand to the USA or globally, then don’t get this or you will regret it when that time comes. Reason being, you have established your base and brand, and to trying to change that in the years down the road will be a pain in the arse, not to mention the $$ you will need to spend.

Other than these 2 options, if you are a FOR PROFIT company, I would not consider getting any other extension.

Tips when buying a domain name
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT put hyphens or numbers in your domain name. Unless of course, there are hyphens and numbers in your company name (at which point I will ask you “are you for realsies?”) You want your domain name to match exactly to your company name. For example, Danielle’s Cupcakes should be In this area, you have 3-8 seconds to capture a person’s interest. Remember, people remember simple things. When you start throwing in hyphens and numbers mixed in with letters, you will start getting a whole lot of confusion and then people will be trying to Google your name, not remembering what your company was called, get frustrated, and then forget about you and move on to your competitor. Kinda like

Surprise fact about me: I name my company names based on the availability of the domain name. If I can’t get the name I want, I will try different variations. For example, with my company name, This Design Girl, I had originally thought of The Design Girl, Design Gal, The Design Gal, Design Girl, but they were all taken.

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